Clinton Township Education Foundation

Celebrating 20 Years of Educational Excellence

CTEF has funded robotics programs at Spruce Run and Patrick McGaheran schools. Both programs have been well received, participation is active, and these grants are helping to foster interest in robotics, engineering… and fun! Ask your children to tell you more. 

More Grants in Action


Special Guests

CTEF helps to fund visits from special guests to our district.  In 2016, motivational speaker, Eric LeGrand, visited the students and staff at CTMS.  

In 2018, we will be providing funds for an Artist in Residence at PMG, who will be helping the students to create another mural similar to the one created in 2010.


Latest Technology

This interactive "quiz buzzer" was introduced at both RVS/CTMS in 2013.  The system -- comprised of 8 hand buzzers (4 per team) and a lighting system that indicates the first contestant to “buzz in” -- provides a unique and fun way to review academic material and enhance teaching in the classrooms. It’s another great grant we were proud to fund! 


Educational Enrichment

Meet Quakers and Peeps.  These ducks hatched in Mrs. Newgarde's 2nd grade classroom at PMG in Spring 2015. This was part of the "Ducks Rule" program initiated by long-time CTSD teacher Besty Hodulik, and funded by the Foundation in various ways for over 15 years.